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Sage software for accounting and payroll is the UK market leader for off the shelf accounting software and still has its roots in Newcastle. It’s excellent software with extensive high quality support and a range of options.

Sage software is excellent and our first choice for most businesses looking for reliable, functional and intuitive accounting and payroll software.

As a Sage Accountant Partner we have used their software for more than two decades, back in the day when a SME business had only 1 computer (usually an Amstrad) with a 4Mb disk drive and the programs were all DOS with a batch file menu, all pre Windows. In short we know these software products and we have lived and breathed the Sage accounting and payroll software for a very long time.

We have attended Sage certified training courses on the accounting, payroll and forecasting software and have the certificates to prove it. Not only that, we have used their software products in all manner of businesses and business sectors. This level of knowledge and experience using accounting and payroll software, backed up by formal training at accredited training centres is why we recommend Sage and why you can trust ABK with your accounting and payroll software requirements.

From selecting the correct software version, to installing, maintaining or training on your accounting and payroll system we can cover it.

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