Fixed Fee Quote

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We can offer our clients a fixed fee quote. At ABK Cloud Accounting we operate as a client led and client focused proactive service provider.

We are happy to offer our clients fixed fee quotes for agreed service provision if suits their needs. Fixed fee quotes provide peace of mind to our clients and promote our services, whilst generating trust and securing a good business relationship.

If at any point you require additional services in addition to those covered by the agreed fixed fee quote, we will let you know before we commence any additional work and will either bill additional work separately or agree a new fixed fee quote with you. Whichever option suits you and is more practical.

With our fixed fee quote service you will not get any large or unforeseen accountancy fees and you can spread the payment over a 12 month period via standing order after your first year fees are paid.

For those who prefer fees on a time ledger basis we are happy to provide estimates by task or by the hour or day rates, depending on your requirements.

Should you wish to discuss our fees and/or our services please feel free to contact us via the following methods:

  1. Complete our contact form here
  1. Send an email to [email protected] with your contact details and any relevant information
  1. Telephone our office on 0161 825 8068