ABK Payroll Money

Payroll has changed a lot in recent years and the biggest change is due to Real Time Information (RTI). Compliance, although always important has taken on a whole new level of responsibility with RTI.

Computerised payroll is essential even for the smallest of businesses with low employee numbers. With a payroll function, accurate records, systems and processes are fundamental to ensuring compliance with RTI and HM Revenue & Customs.

Running payroll in-house can be expensive per head and subject to issues of confidentiality as well as RTI non-compliance.

Errors in data, employee payments, deductions and statutory payments are a big no no for any business and even more so for your employees. It is essential this area of your business is managed professionally. Best practice and professionalism in this confidential and sensitive area builds up employee confidence and avoids ill feeling and resentment from employees.  Conversely bad practice, inaccuracy and confidentiality breaches can have a negative effect on the employees and therefore the business as a whole.

At ABK we have the experience and knowledge to operate your payroll accurately, timely and securely whilst ensuring compliance with RTI. We also understand the employee relationship can be enhanced with accurate, professional and confidential payroll management. When employees have confidence in the payroll system, it has a positive impact for the business.

Whatever your employee payroll headcount is, we can manage your payroll for you with all the benefits of an expert outsourced payroll bureau. We can provide security sealed paper payslips or password protected emailed payslips as well as P60’s at yearend. The system is simple to setup, hassle free and cost effective.

Free up your time and resources by using our expertise to manage your payroll professionally and confidentially, whilst ensuring RTI compliance.