Credit Control

ABK Credit Control

Credit Control is the life blood of any business and essential for cash flow management. Expert credit control is essential for customer relationships, whereas poor credit control not only achieves little, but can be damaging and detrimental.

Understanding your business and your customers along with precise record keeping and communications is the key to protecting your business and a good credit controller understands this and knows how to effect these attributes.

Adding a dedicated credit control service as part of your accounts function can assist cash flow and help develop good customer relationships. You don’t want a ‘bull in a china shop’ credit controller approach, but you do want someone who can manage your debtors expertly and take the required action to protect your business and your cash flow.

At ABK we have years of  credit control experience in many business sectors so we are able to manage debtors and credit control with the dual goals of improving cash flow and building relationships with customers.

Good credit control is about judgement and communication. By using ABK as a dedicated credit control service your cash flow and business will be protected and your customer relationships will be enhanced.

Free up your time and resources by using our expertise to manage your credit control efficiently and professionally.