Import & Export (Letters of Credit)

ABK Letter of Credit Document

Letters of Credit, at ABK we love them, odd we know but we do.

As well as the bookkeeping processes in managing Duty Deferment accounts and HM Customs and Excise documentation such as C79’s at ABK we also have experience and knowledge of dealing with Documentary Credits such as Letters of Credit (LC’s) and Cash Against Documents (CAD’s).

Working alongside the banks Documentary Credits departments such as those at Nat West, HSBC, Lloyds and the National Bank of Egypt as well as shipping and logistics companies such as Kerry Logistics, we have built up a sound knowledge of the paperwork, processors and pitfalls in administrating and managing Documentary Credits. We are familiar with the technical terminology and we utilise the UCP600 (Uniform Customs and Practice) and the ISBP (International Standard Banking Practice) to plan ahead and aid successful clean presentations under the terms in the Letters of Credit.

As far as Letters of Credit are concerned we have attended the training course run by the British Chamber of Commerce and had practical experience from managing Letters of Credit from China, Taiwan, Singapore, the Middle East and North Africa for imports and exports.

Import and export with confidence by using our expertise of documentary credits. If you export under Letters of Credit terms, make sure you get paid by making clean and discrepant free presentations.

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