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Bookkeeping is the recording of the day to day transactions of a business in day books and ledgers, usually via a double entry system and this can be either manual or computerised.

Bookkeeping is a specialist skill, requires a certain mind-set and can be time consuming for those with little or no prior experience. It can also prove expensive if you get it wrong. Never underestimate the importance of good bookkeeping as this can prove to be expensive.

As the foundation for all the accounting functions bookkeeping is where it all starts, so it’s important to have a robust yet simple and consistent process in place.

At ABK high quality bookkeeping is a given and we can take away the burden freeing up your time to concentrate on managing and growing your business in the knowledge your bookkeeping is in safe hands..

Good bookkeeping is an essential and its square one in the accounting function, the foundation for accurate VAT Returns, Payroll records, Management Accounts, Debtors and Creditors control.

Free up your time and resources by using our expertise to manage your bookkeeping efficiently and therefore cost effectively.