Audit Preparation

ABK Audit Preparation

ABK can assist you with your Audit Preparation. If you are a Director of a Limited Company with a turnover in excess of £6.5million, essentially the business is required to file audited accounts signed off by a registered auditor. The rules are a little more complex than that, but here is a link to the audit exemption guidance from HM Revenue & Customs:

If your business is required to file audited accounts and you need assistance with audit preparation we can help. At ABK we have experience of working alongside registered auditors and preparing the accounts for audit. We have worked with auditors from Bennett Brooks, Bennett Verby, Booth Ainsworth, CLB Coopers, Grant Thornton and Hurst.

The more complete your audit preparation is, the lower your annual audit fees will be. Contact ABK to save money on your annual audit fees.