Efficiency from IT Investment

ABK PC Quad Monitors

The Quad has landed!

I have been using a dual monitor PC setup to increase efficiency for over a decade now and have advocated this system for some time.  It is a great way to improve efficiency, simply and relatively cheaply. The setup has a positive cost benefit ratio. The addition of a second monitor is low cost and the improvements are immediate and on going.

IT Investment = Efficiency

It is this kind of sound commercial IT investment that gives ABK Accounting Services an edge over the competition.

Historically you would find me with Sage software open on one screen and I’d swap between Excel, Outlook and other software applications on the second monitor. It has been great for exporting data from Sage accounts and payroll software to Excel. I now keep both programs open and view them side by side, which greatly improves my efficiency and accuracy.

With the ever increasing demands of social media and third party applications I have found that using dual monitors wasn’t enough.  I still needed to swap between software views frequently. In order to retain the efficiency edge over the competition I took the plunge to improve efficiency further still and invested in a quad monitor set-up.

Multi-View Efficiency

The quad monitor setup enables me to have Sage, Excel and Outlook open and onscreen constantly with the fourth monitor showing web browser social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Being able to view and monitor four applications simultaneously on screen has resulted in a further giant leap in efficiency for a relatively small investment in IT hardware.

If you shop around a decent quad monitor stand it will not cost a great deal. This is a quick and low cost option and all that is needed is:

  • Additional monitor(s)
  • Monitor Stand
  • Cable Adapter

I installed this in less than one hour.

For a small investment in IT equipment, I have increased my efficiency and improved my communications.

Sage Software

At ABK we can assist with your IT systems to help your business. We specialise in Sage accounting and payroll software (http://www.sage.co.uk) and we are Sage certified experts. (https://abkuk.com/sage-certified-expert/)